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Located @ Hollywood Plaza S/Centre

Trades 7.0 days

+/- $7,000  weekly sales

Suit family/working owner

$75,000 plus stock


Located in Hollywood Plaza S/Centre

Food Court; trades 7.0 days

+/- $4,500 to $5,000 weekly sales

$85,000 plus stock


Established +/- 40 years.

Fabrication, Installation, of A/C ducting.

Appropiate staff and equipment insitu.

Fully functional warehouse and workshop.



 Established +/- 20 years.

+/- $2million annual revenue

Provides hosted services, Hi-speed internet, systems support, amil etc.

+/- 1,000 professional client base.Uses AMAZON web services infrastructure.


 Established +/- 15 years

Manufacture, supply and installation of "European designed" commercial furniture

Customer Mix: Project Builder=40%; Architect=40%; "Other"= 20%

Fully functional warehouse, workshop, showroom



 +/- $300,000 EBIT

Operated under Management;Substanstial "organic growth"

(only) trades 2.0 nights per week

Prime entertainment precinct location



 +/- $7.0million annual sales

Commercial retaining walls noise barriers, fencing & related infrastructure.

Supply, Errection, Installation, Site Project Management

Clients include NGO,s Govt. Education, Oil&Gas, Defence



70% Domestic; 30% Commercial; includes NGS, LGA's and Contractors

Operates from purpose built showroon, workshop, warehouse.

Key staff insitu.Substantial opportunity for market consolidation



 Established +/- 15 years; broad repeat trade/customer base.

HACCP accreditation

Owner retiring

$825,000 plus stock*


Sales, Repair and Hire Services.

Products = pumps, hydraulic tensioners, torque wrenches etc.

Diverse customer range and industries

"Bolt On" opportunity

$Expression of Interest

Sells and services most leading bransd of household electrical appliances.

+/- $4 million annual sales with +/- $500K EBIT

Products include A/C units., Dryers, Washers, Fridges, Lighting, HWS'

Buyer group/Regional exclusivity

$1,450,000 (800K + 650K stock)


Operating +/- 30 years; two (2) businesses

#1 $780K = Retail Business &  #2 $370K = 4x4 accessories - includes stock*

Propertt also available

Total investment = $1.1mllion


Provides turnkey solutions for luxury fitout projects.Offers the complete scope of service, design, manufacture and installation.

Stable long term team of experienced and capable "trades" insitu.Recognised for its high quality productss and services




Design, fabrication and distribution of access systems for large mobile equipment

Recognised brand across a diverse range of industries including oil,gast, mining,transport

Quality brand worldwide;+/- 50% of products exported

$Expressions of Interest


Sales            $10,000 per week
Rental          $ tba      per week 
Wholesales an extensive range of garden related products(soils, plastic pots, planters, hose fittings,fertilisers)Also hardware lines;paint brushes/rollers,paints, auto accessories, etc.

Price             $90,000 plus $65k stock



Sales         +/- $10,500 per week [stc]
Rent          +/- $     750 per week [stc]
Hollywood Plaza S/Centre - Salisbury
Trades 7.0 days; Sunday optional
Suit working owner/family-business migrabnt
Price       $400,000 + $5,000 stock



Sales       $4,800 per week*
Rental     $760 per week*
Well known and established Agency with prominent lines/labels
Both residential/commercial décor, fixtures, furniture and furnishings
Price       $on enquiry


Sales      +/- $13,500 per week*
Rental     +/- $1,150 per week*
Stock value sale only; say +/- $50,000
Inner suburban area
Suit working owner
Price      $6,000 and $50,000 [stock]

Sales      +/- $4,685 per week*
Rent      +/- $900 per week*
Premier S/Centre location
Repeat trade
Suit Owner Operator
Price     $110,000 plus $50,000 stock


Sales   +/-$5,100 per week
Rent     +/- $125 per week*
Yorke Peninsula township
General Hardware lines
Suit working owner Operator
Price   $265,000 plus $130,000 stock


+/- $3,800 per week*
+/-$600 per week*
Eastern suburbs location
Realistic rental and lease/To suit owner operator
8 cutting stations/ 3 basins
$45,000 plus stock


Currently not operating
Located in Riverland township
Property 170,000$
Practice  100,000$ plus stock
270,000$ plus stock


+/-$5,000 per week*
+/- $500 per week*
Situated in the popular township of Normanville, positioned in prominent location. Caffe on Bungala is established with a loyal local customer base, plus attracts weekenders and tourists alike. This great business has loads of charm and character and has great food!
$120,000 + SAV



Distributor Wholesaler Retailer
+/- $46,000 per week
+/- $1,100 per week
Trading +/- 30 years, this business imports a range of quality equipment and allied products. Having a niche market, this business provides a specialised service and is known for custom build projects Nationwide.
$350,000 + $150,000 stock -stc

CBD Café [ffc] [a franchise system]
+/-12,000$ per week
+/- $2,500 per week*
5.0-day trading
Part of National trading group
Suit a working owner
$175,000 + stock

Beauty Therapy
+/- $2,115 per week*
+/- $525 per week*
trades from a prominent location.
high quality fixtures and fittings and modern equipment.
Suit working owner
40,000$ plus stock

Pet Food
+/- $3,500 per week*
+/- $350 per week*
Trades 2.5 days per week
Fresh product
Suit working Owner Operator
68,000$ plus stock

+/- $2,833 per week
+/- $865 per week*
A sound business and something special - trading for over 90 years!
Spotlessly presented, this Boutique Butcher Shop has quality - well maintained plant and equipment and has olde world charm. It has an enviable reputation and is known for its premium quality meats.
$49,000 plus stock

Storage Kits
An innovative established business - specialising in filing and storage kits for all those childhood memories, keepsakes and achievements etc…
This home-based business can be run from anywhere [SOHO]
$10,000 stock


+/- $5,500 per week*
+/- $500 per week*
An established business - set up with custom made plant and equipment.
Enjoys an excellent reputation and has several quality customers, (many have their products powder coated on a weekly basis).
270,000$ plus stock



'Earth Friendly Living Store”
+/- $7,700 per week*
+/- $755 per week*
Suit working owner
+/- 60,000$ NP
Sells environment friendly products
65,000$ plus stock



Yoghurt Bar - “asset sale”
+/- 4,000$ per week*
+/- $1,166 per week*
Normal retail hours
Suit working owner
Popular location
105,000$ plus stock



+/- $7,885 per week*
+/- $538 per week*
Suit sewing enthusiast
Wide range of products and accessories
Also, piece goods
85,000$ plus stock



Sales    +/- 7,000$ per week
Rental +/- 600$ per week
Magill Road location
Trades 7.0 nights; 5pm to 930pm
Suit Owner Operator
Price 65,000$ plus stock



Sales      +/- 4,000$ per week
Rent        +/- 900$ per week
Trades     9am to 8pm 7.0 days
124 Sheriffs Road, Morphett Vale
3 BRM   Accommodation included
Price     $49,000 plus stock

Sales       +/- 4,000$ per week
Rental     +/- 1,000$ per week
Trades 7.0 days
The Avenues S/Centre, Payneham Road
Suit working owner/business migrant
Price      $80,000 plus stock

Sales    +/- 4,000$ per week
Rental  +/- 1,100$ per week
Trades 7.0 days
Victor Harbor S/Centre
Suit working owner
Price    $25,000 plus stock

Located in outer northern Adelaide suburbs-light industrial area.

+/- 1,500 sqm warehouse/office configuration

FIFO & JIT processes insitu

Imports/wholesales home products & items

Under Contract

Sales        +/- $45,000 per week
Rental      +/-$TBA      per week

Has been trading for some 30 years.
Price         $350,000 plus stock



75 places

Very well presented 5 room purpose built centre in Suburban Adelaide - south.. Set on a corner block the centre has fabulous arterial road exposure and has great street appeal. The centre has recently undergone renovations which have boosted the centres appeal to parents. With a very settled staff contingent the owners do not work at the centre so this would suit an absentee owner or a more hands on operator A long lease is offered at fair market rent and the owners have a realistic price expectation. 

Under Contract

Sales        +/- 7,500$ per week
Rental       +/- 690  $ per week
Trades 6.0 days; closed Mondays
Located in Montague Farm S/Centre
Suit working Owner
Price         $134,888 plus stock

Sales     +/- 5,500$ per week
Rent     +/- 452$    per week
+/-75kgs chips per week
+/-25kgs fish per week
+/- 60 birds per week;
+/- 10kgs burger meat per week
Suit owner/operator; biz. Migrant etc.
Price    65,000$ plus stock

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Sales          5,000$ per week sales
Rent           $600    per week rental
Trades 7.0 days
Suit working owner/business migrant*
Price         $95,000 plus stock


“PetZest” @ Golden Grove” [franchise system]
Sales       +/- $10,000 per week
Rent        +/- $1,500 per week* plus outgoings
Prime S/Centre location; trades 7.0 days
Suit working owner/couple
Sells fresh & dry pet food products
Price       $126,888 + $20,000 stock



Sales       +/- 40,000$ per week
Rent        +/- 1,250$ per week
Trades 7.0 days/20,000$ per week lottery sales
Outer northern areas – Gawler precinct
Suit working owner/business migrant
Price       $360,000 plus 5,000$ stock

"Beach Road Newsagency "
Sales          +/- 35,000$ per week
Rent           +/- 1,000$ per week
Lotteries     +/- 1.5million$
Newsagency = +/- tba$
Christies Beach precinct
Price           $260,000 plus stock

Accommodation – lodge/hostel
Sales       +/- 5.0% Return on investment
Rent        +/- tba
Glenelg North area
6 x 1 brm’d and 2 x 2brm’d units
+/- 1,000 sqm (700sqm + 300sqm)
Price        2.2million$


Sales        +/- $8,500 per week
Rent          +/- $750 per week
Arndale Shopping Centre
Trades 7.0 days; Sunday optional
Suit working owner/family
Price       $160,000 + 5,000$ stock



Sales         +/- $5,000 per week
Rent          +/- $500 per week incl. outgoings
Suit owner operator
Trades 6.0 days; closed on  Mondays
Outer northern area; small shopping centre
Price         $65,000 plus stock

Sales       +/-$to be advised
Rent         +/- 235.50$ per week including GST
Located on Goodwood Road, Kings Park.
Trades 4.5 days/or as required [no Monday/Sunday]
To Suit experienced person with passion
Price       $30,000

Off Market until further notice ...


Café/Snack Bar
Sales           +/- 7500$ - 8,000$per week
Rent            +/- 750$ per week*
Trades 5.0 days
+/- 10-15 kgs. weekly coffee sales
Located in CBD building – eastern side
Price        110,000$ plus stock



asian (Indian) restaurant “Indian Delights”
Sales        +/- 8,000$ per week
Rent         +/- 700$ per week
CBD precinct, Pulteney Street
Trades 7.0 days/Licenced
Suit Owner Operator – business migrant
Price        75,000$ plus stock

“Donut King” –  Elizabeth s/centre
Sales               10,500$ per week
Rent                 3,000$ per week
Gross Profit      2,500$ per week
Staff: 1 Full Time, 3 Causals
Lease: 5 Years + 5 Years
Price                215,000$ plus stock


“Ant & Elephant” Cafe
Sales           15,000$ per week
Rent             3,500$   per week
Westfield TTP S/Centre
Trades 7.0 days
Suit working owner/Business Migrant
Price          450,000$ plus stock



Pet Food Shop - flagstaff hill [some w’sale]
Sales        $17,500  per week
Rental      $770    per week
Price -      $350,000 plus stock ($100,000)


“Mamak Corner” takeaway - Chinese Malay
Sales         8,000$ per week
Rent          1,400$ per week
Bank street, CBD
Suit Biz. Migrant
Trades 7 days
Price       160,000$ plus stock


Food Court (Asian) Eatery “Asian Fresh”
Sales         3,500$ per week
Rent          1,650$ per week
Harbortown Food Court precinct
Trades 7.0 days
Price         80,000$ plus stock

Taxi – “disabled persons”
Sales         +/- 2,000$ per week
Rent           +/- home based
Comments Compliant MV included
Price         120,000$

Restaurant – “Giwa Korean BBQ Buffet" 
Sales             +/- 7,000$ per week
Rental           +/- 1,250$ per week
Hyde Park Precinct
Trades 6.0 days
Price             125,000$ plus stock


Sales       +/- 3,000$ per week
Rental     +/- home based
Fully compliant MV
Runs on LPG
Suit working owner
Price      100,000$



Food Court Eatery [asian] “Sakura Dumplings”
Sales                +/- 12,000$ per week
Rental               +/- 3,000$ per week
TTP Shopping Centre-food court area
Suit working owner
Price                  99,000$ plus stock


Asian Takeaway “yumlicious dumplings”
Sales             +/- 15,000$ per week
Rental           +/- 1,350$ per week*
Pasadena S/Centre -prime location
Trades 5.5 days
Price                220,000$ plus stock

Café –    “mouthful café”
Sales     +/- 5,000$ per week
Rental   +/- 625$ per week
Station Arcade; adjacent Hindley Street, CBD
5.5 days; Suit working Owner
Price     75,000$ plus stock



Sales        +/- TBA$ per week
Rental      +/- TBA$ per week
Main Road, Blackwood;Trades 5.0 days*
A franchise system
Price       22,500$ plus stock

The (type/style)  business is within a market niche - being a specialist supplier and installer of an extensive range of premium quality window film and allied products for commercial and industrial buildings, residential and automotive applications.The business requires no specialist skills or knowledge, particularly as the current owners came from non-related industry backgrounds. This business has been established since 2005 and in this time has developed strong relationships with clients. Having an excellent reputation generates a high level of repeat custom. The business also has established associations with most leading suppliers of film. No job is too small or too large and this business has a proven track record for delivering on large projects and can boast numerous high profile commercial works successfully completed. Over the past several years, this business has consistently produced a high annual net profit, (adj). Refer to Financial Information herein. Here’s an exciting opportunity to purchase an established, well regarded business which would appeal to either an owner operator, couple/partnership or could be intergrated.


Same original owner for over 26 years.Specialises in the manufacture and installation of a wide range of high quality classic fibrous products, which are supplied to both the commercial and domestic markets here is SA and also interstate.Over the past 2.5+ decades, this business has generated many loyal customers from within both the commercial and residential sectors. Customers include highly regarded SA building companies, ceiling contractors and a strong DIY market.


Sales        +/- $7,000 per week
Rental       +/- $450   per week
Price         $175,000 plus $20,000 stock

***under contract***


Sales        +/- 15,000$ per week
Rental       +/- tba$ per week
Trades 7.0 days
Property also available
Suit owner operator/family/business migrant
Price        500,000$ plus stock (+/- 1million$)


Reference   LP- cp

Hypoxi Studio – North Adelaide
Sales        +/- on enquiry
Rent         +/- 500$ per week
Operates 5.5 days*
A franchise system
Suit owner operator
Price       70,000$ plus stock

Sales    +/- 20,000$ per week; +/- 49.5% Gross Profit*
Rental   +/- n/a*

+ 70 stores  WA, SA, NT VIC, TAS.* 
Specialising in printing solutions
International brand/product recognition
Price   1,495,000$ [nil stock]




Sales                 $77,000 per week
$ variable per week
Various store locations
Trades 6.0 days;
Price                 $400,000 plus +/- $1million stock

Located on main road,  outer northern suburbs

Part of Trading Group

Suit Owner Operator/ Migrant



Auto – window tinting
Sales      +/- 3,000$ per week
Rental    +/- 230$ per week
Suit owner operator
Both retail & commercial trade
Inner northern workshop
Price     70,000$ plus stock

Current occupancy = +/- 38.0%;capacity +/- 78 bed

33 rooms with communal facilities

Close to Schools, Universities,

Public Transport nearby

sold @ 30/06/2018

Clients include C&I, Construction, Civil

Various Cranes

Rental, Maintenance, Spare Parts


Operating since 1982

Clients include Govt. & NGO's 

Commercial Laundries, Boilers, HT Equipment etc.


Operating for +/- 10 years

Clients include schools, clubs, associations etc. 

Suitable (8) buses & spares included


Operating since 2000.

Provides leading solutions in various areas

Workload Automation, Enterprise Asset Audit, Management Systems


* 1 x chair practice

* 20 years insitu

* 2 rooms - 1 plumbed

* Near Medical Centre

Off Market Until Further Notice


*Established +/- 40 years

* Provides Books from K-Y12

* Suit working Owner


* Located  metropolitan area

* Same owner for many years

* Part of successful trading group


* Both Property(+/- 4,400sqm) & Business

* Located  metropolitan area

* Appropriate Plant & Equipment-trucks, bins, fork-lifts etc.


*Both Property & Business

*Located in outer metro/inner country area

* +/-  44,600 sq. metres / +/- 11.0 acres

*Consists of Accommodation, Cabins, Caravan and Camping sites

*Licenced Restaurant/Tavern/Gaming machines

* Opportunity to develop "over and above" current kudos


*Both Property & Business

* +/- 123 Acres

*Consists of Accommodation, Cabins, Caravan and Camping sites

*Licenced Restaurant

*Opportunity to develop "over & above" current opperation.


Sales     2,500$   per week
Rental    304$     per week
Ocean Street, Victor Harbor
Trades 5.0 days; can extend trading hours
A franchise system
Price      49,500$ plus stock

Sales               5,000$ per week
Rent                 tba$    per week
Business        450,000$ + stock
Property          500,000$ 
Profit              +/- $200,000 



*Repeat & On-Going trade

* Building, DYI sectors

* Fibrous Plaster Products 


Sales       10,000$ per week
Rent        TBA per week
Located on Jetty Road, Glenelg
Trades 6.0 days; Suit Owner Operator
Lic’d for 50 persons
Price     120,000$ plus stock


Powder Coating
+/- 280,000$ per annum
+/- tba$
An established business - set up with custom made plant and equipment.
Enjoys an excellent reputation and has several quality customers, (many have their products powder coated on a weekly basis).
270,000$ plus stock





我们有业务适合亚洲/ Visa签证要求。加上中文的同事 - 今天打电话

We have business to suit Visa requirments ~plus Chinese speaking associates-call today

Founded circa 2006 by several partners. commenced as a electronic online trading company.

Now a leader in the GPS/Fleet Management Solutions and vehicle eye witness cameras.

Has +/- 20 staff throughout Australia; with products in more than 200 retail outlets

Owners seeking equity/skills participation



Adelaide Metro Area

+/- 150 (Residential) properties

+/- 4.75% average commission yield

+/- $235,000 average annum management commission



We are currently seeking good quality businesses, in all sectors, to sell.

No business is too small or too large.

If you own a business and want to sell- please contact us today.



Selling your Property... consider PowerABA

Since 1988, we have successfully been involved in property transactions.



*+/- 44,500SQM Landholding at present is a operational  Caravan Park, Tavern, Restaurant,Gaming licence and CPO.

A commercial opportunity exists to develop this +/- 44,600 sqm site into a MHE (manufactured housing estate) within the Land Lease sector.

Due to the complexity of this offering, details are by "appointment only".


Located in LGA Glenelg

2 x Titles; 300sqm (a) and 700 sqm (a)

8 x Units (6 x 1 brm'd and 2 x 2 brm'd)

Details by Appointment

*Disposed as 2 x Units and 2 x Shops

*Three (3) Properties over 2 Strata Titlles.

*Unit #1/ Shop #1 on Strata Plan 7692

-in C/T 5509/616

Unit #2/Shop #2 on Strata Plan 7692

-in C/T 5009/617

*Port Road & Main Street, Beverley

*Development Opportunity [stcc]


Hostel (residential/boarding) House
Sales     +/- 2,150$ per week
Rent      +/- tba$
+/- 9.0% return
+/- 95% occupancy
12 rooms + communal facilities with approvals to increase another 4 rooms
Price     $888,000$




*"Stock Only Sale"

*Located on Cross Road, Glandore

*Trades 7.0 days

*Change-of-Use Opportunity


NECA member/Business/Commercial & Industrial type clients
To suit owner/operator with appropriate accreditations (licence)
Long standing/established electrical firm serving a variety of well known and long standing customer base.
Owner prepared to work for "new owner"


Successful Adelaide established multi dimensional firm wishing to divest of several business units.
Nursing & Aged Care /* Hospitality & Events
Miscellaneous - Security, Gardening et cetera
Opportunity of vertical integration  and or "stand-alone" acquisition

+/- $2.6 million annual revenue


Details By appointment Only


Aligned to the Education & Professional sectors
Successful business with a customer service focus- plus - repeat and ongoing b2b relationships
Monday to Friday trading business * /Key staff and SOP's/systems in place.
Opportunity to develop "over and above" current kudos.


Award winning commercial furniture Importer
National customer base
11 Employees plus 2.0 working owners.
Established some 15 years
Positive Creditor/Debtor cycle


A 30 year old established business.
Has many secured customers and contracts.
The operating cost is low and the net profit is high. It specialises in stainless steel & aluminum products.          
All the machines are in good condition. The owner has built a great reputation through the years.


Inner metropolitan Shopping Centre

Rental = +/- $78,000 per annum; plus CPI & Outgoings

Revenue = +/- $835,000 per year

Asking Price = $1,200,000

Under Contract to settle 01/08/2018